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The main idea behind the contact details of TikTok Stars Lucas and Marcus is that, as this is a popular social media and influencer twins duo and have million of active followers, By which their fans want to contact them. So, we are here to help you by en-routing you to have appropriate and legit communication methods for making contact to Lucas and marcus as soon as possible with ease. Beside contact info, you will also get Dobre Brothers personal bio data, biography, age, wiki, number, email id, house address, whatsapp number, social profiles, family members, worth, net income and friends etc.

Dobre Twins: Lucas and Marcus

Internet Influential | TikToker | YouTubers

Birth Name: Lucas Dobre and Marcus Dobre

Date of Birth: January 28, 1999
Age: 21 Years Old

Location: Maryland

Instagram: @dobretwins
TikTok: @dobretwins

Twitter: @lucasdobre and @dobremarcus

Who are Lucas and Marcus? Lucas and Marcus are two internet sensation boys from United States known for vine and lip syncing application TikTok. They create and upload stunts, skits, dancing and pranks videos for fans following. The most amazing part started when the duo joined YouTube and TikTok whereas they were known as Vine publishers before 2020. After Vine closer they are now working on YouTube and TikTok.

However, as son of Gymnastic academy owner and Olympic Gymnastic mom, both Lucas and Marcus are flexible and much interested in Gymnastic and Stunts including Back Flips and Gymnastic dance. Both gained millions of followers and subscribers to Instagram, Twitter and YouTube Channel after getting famous at TikTok. Recently, they gained 20.3 million active subscribers at YouTube and 5 million at Instagram. Dobre Brothers and Twins TikTok account is much ahead of these with 30 million followers.

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How to make a Contact With Lucas and Marcus Dobre

There are several useful working methods and ways by which you can make a possible contact with both brothers Lucas and Marcus Dobre. However, there we are giving you possible information related to current Dobre Twins (Lucas and Marcus) number, address, email and social media messaging.

Use of Email Address, Phone Number and House Address:

Most convenient methods users choose for making a contact with Lucas and Marcus is often their phone number and email address. And for postal and fan mails they use the house and residential postal address of Dobre Twins. So, we collected the contact information and address as provided.

Lucas and Marcus Phone Number: +1 443… In progress.
Dobre Twins Lucas and Marcus Dobre Email Address:
House Address of Dobre Twins Lucas and Marcus:
Dobre Brothers Lucas and Marcus, Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States of America.

Use of Social Media Accounts and Profile:

One of the awesome thing for this era is Social media Networks and Applications, why not to use them as a communication and contact method of Lucas Dobre and Marcus Dobre! Ultimately, Dobre Brothers are available at most of popular social media those having direct message and internal message option by default. So, using that start a chat or conversation with TikTokers Dobre Brothers Lucas and Marcus.

TikTok: @dobretwins
Instagram: @dobretwins
YouTube: @Lucas and Marcus Channel
Twitter: @lucasdobre | @dobremarcus

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